A Week In The Ozarks
Mountains Of Arkansas

Host: Alf Carter

When: Anytime

Length of Tour: 5 days, 4 nights

Fee Charged:
Lodge: $1,050 per 2 persons.
Cabin: $890 per 2 persons
Includes lodging plus
guide services for three days
and two Azalea Falls t-shirts.

Sitting Above Boxley Valley
Looking Out Over Boxley Valley

Situated mainly within three states, the 60,000 square mile Ozark Plateau stretches from eastern Oklahoma to southern Missouri to northern Arkansas. The Ozark Mountains, rising to a height of 2,560 feet in Arkansas' Boston Mountains, represent the largest area of highlands between the Appalachians and the Rockies. These rolling hills and low mountains offer rugged terrain, eroded by water from springs and rivers flowing on a journey to the Mississippi River.

Sparsely populated, the Ozark region is unknown to many people, conjuring up scenes of pioneer cabins among the vast hardwood tree cover, where life takes on a slower pace. It is indeed a place where you can get glimpses of an earlier way of life, but it also holds many beautiful, scenic discoveries within its rolling landscape. Spend a week hiking with guide Alf Carter to remote areas that few ever get to see.

Suggested Schedule:
(can be modified to suit individual hikers physical limits)
Monday: Check in time 3 pm. Spend the afternoon getting settled into the remote elegance of Azalea Falls Lodge or Azalea Falls Cabin. Take a short hike on the private hiking trail to get aclimated to the rugged hill climbing of the Ozark Mountains. Visit with Alf Carter to go over your hiking agenda for the next three days. Go shopping for food or any equipment you may need.

Ancient Bluffs
The Hidden Valley
Visit one of Arkansas' best kept secrets. Walk for several miles along one of the most scenic blufflines in Arkansas. Explore ancient bluff shelters. Enjoy the beautiful views, waterfalls, and wildlife in this unspoiled part of the Ozarks. This is not a trail hike.
Sam's Throne is the premier climbing spot in the Ozarks. It also has one of the great hiking trails. Walk out to Chicken Head Point, then down and across the valley floor to Sam's Throne. Visit with climbers or even try it yourself. Climb the crack to the top of the throne and get a great view of the surrounding bluffs and valley below.
Sam's Throne
Sam's Throne
The Top Of The Mountain
On Top Of The Mountain
Make the quest for the top of the mountain and be rewarded with the most beautiful view of the Erbie Valley. The climb is through forest to begin with, then dramatically upwards over benches. Once you reach the face of this bluff, you will climb up a narrow crack in the bluff to arrive at the top. This is not a trail hike.
Time to relax, spend some time visiting with your hosts and recounting your adventures. Perhaps take a short walk on the private trail. Checkout time is 11 am.
Relaxing On The Deck

Goat Bluff Trail, Upper Buffalo River
Additional Hikes Available
Steel Creek to Ponca
Walker Mountain
Round Top Mountain
The Cecil Creek Loop Trail
Buffalo River Trail - Kyles to Erbie
Whiteley Creek
Indian Creek
The Goat Trail At Erbie
Bowers Hollow
Big Bluff
Whitaker Point
Hemmed In Hollow
Pedestal Rock & King's Bluff

Many More To Choose From
Looking Out At White Rock

Our published proposals and itineraries are strictly starting points. Feel free to ask for changes in the program, discuss ideas for additional services or maybe propose something altogether different. We would be delighted to help in what ever way we can.

Suggested list of items to bring with you when you visit the Ozark Mountains
Seasonally appropriate clothing.
Hiking boots
Daypack or backpack for each hiker

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